Move towards happier you with these 10 steps

Updated Jan 17, 2017

At times it can seem as if it’s almost too hard to be happy these days.

HappinessYour Facebook news feed overflows with negativity. You got jammed up while loading and unloading. Every four-wheeler on the interstate seems intent on making your life miserable. And, the last parking space at the truck stop got filled just as you drove in.

Where’s the happy in that?

Pop Sugar, a website and newsletter aimed at women’s wellness, offers The 10 Secrets of Happy, Healthy Women. Some of these tips are easier than others, especially for women truck drivers. But here’s what they suggest:

  1. Keep mornings calm
  2. Make time to move
  3. Eat real food
  4. Reach for water
  5. Listen when your body talks
  6. Love those vegetables
  7. Invest in fitness and health
  8. Remember to be grateful
  9. Slow down to smile
  10. Rest