Read a rant from the road by this woman driver

Truck driver Salena Lettera has been writing about her life as a truck driver and her passions since 2005 and she’s not slowing down.

Lettera’s blog, The Daily Rant, is her online place to talk about truck driving and travel, two large passions of hers. Her blog has the tagline “Where trucking meets travel.”

Photos from Salena Lettera’s blog, “The Daily Rant”Photos from Salena Lettera’s blog, “The Daily Rant”

“I have documented my lifestyle by keeping a daily account of where I’ve been, what I do and what I think. The latter can range from my praise of all things Dunkin’ to my biggest pet peeve, poor customer service. That’s where the rant part comes in,” Lettera writes on her blog.

She’s driven in 49 U.S. states, 11 of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories and has written over 1,500 blog posts. She says she’s on the road 300 days a year and has been driving almost 13 years. When not on the road, she calls Tucson, Arizona home.

Her blog covers anything that interests her. Some are snapshots of life on the road, others are commentary on her personal life, while some are political in nature.

She drives a Freightliner Coronado with a 132-inch sleeper as an owner-operator. She drives team with her boyfriend, Ed Godfrey.

She says trucking has been a good fit for her because it offers an unstructured work day and the income is dependable.

“This job is more to me than just supporting the infrastructure of a nation; that’s the bigger part of what I do. I’m a small cog in the wheel of getting goods delivered. The American Trucking Association has a slogan: Good Stuff. Trucks Brings It. I am one of those three million drivers that bring the good stuff. And that makes me proud,” she says.