50 or older? This site helps you stay feisty

The feisty Mary Eileen WilliamsThe feisty Mary Eileen Williams

This Just In: You’re not going to be 21 forever, despite what the popular fashion chain’s name suggests. Neither will you stay 39, nor (fill in the blank).

While the hardest working, cleanest living, safest woman truck driver on the road may be able to creatively avoid a speed trap on the interstate, she can’t outrun the aging process.

Toward that end, there’s a website for mature women who agree that age is nothing but a number. Feisty Side of 50 is a website with the subtitle of “Revolutionizing the Spirit and Style of Aging” and plenty of good advice for mature drivers.

Mary Eileen Williams is the woman behind the website. As her site says, Williams is “… a job search expert/career transition consultant, author, speaker, radio host and university instructor.” And, she focuses all that expertise on what she calls “alpha boomers,” women over 50; from careers to wellness to beauty tips, Williams tackles it all.