Bracelet provides emergency battery backup

Consider this scenario: You need to make an emergency call but your smartphone battery is out of juice. You don’t have access to your charger or even a cord with which to connect.

NIFTYX bracelet/chargerNIFTYX bracelet/charger

Consider this solution: Plug your smartphone into your bracelet.

Of course, that only works if you’re wearing a NIFTYX, which bills itself as the, “World’s first wearable charging cable bracelet.”

NIFTYX actually offers two styles; one which is just a stylishly braided charging cable and a second one that actually has a small battery pack (they call it their Powerbank) as part of the bracelet.

The NIFTYX with the battery pack will give you up to 50 minutes of phone use or 40 minutes online.

The latest version of the NIFTYX bracelet is still in an Indigogo fundraising campaign, but they expect to ship in April. There are various pledge levels, but you can get the bracelet with the battery pack for as little as $18.