Try the best slow-cooker recipe on Pinterest

Want to tuck into something comforting, filling, different and delicious at the end of a long day dodging four-wheelers on the interstate and waiting forever to unload?

Chicken burrito bowl (Photo: Number 2 Pencil)Chicken burrito bowl (Photo: Number 2 Pencil)

This slow-cooker chicken burrito bowl was created by the Melissa Mondragon, the woman who writes the Number 2 Pencil blog, and it could be just the thing to make you forget the last eight, 10, 12 hours.

According to the food website, this is the most popular slow-cooker recipe on Pinterest. It’s been pinned more than 571,000 times.

The recipe takes about 15 minutes to prepare and four hours and 45 minutes to cook.

And, like any good Mexican dish, this is best when loaded with accompaniments: Salsa, guac, green onions, sour cream.

See the full recipe at Number 2 Pencil and enjoy.