7 Whole30 breakfast recipes to try this week

Make this bright beet berry bowl with the recipe from Clean Food Dirty City. (Image Courtesy of Clean Food Dirty City)Make this bright beet berry bowl with the recipe from Clean Food Dirty City. (Image Courtesy of Clean Food Dirty City)

You don’t have to be strictly on the Whole30 diet in order to try some of its approved recipes. Whole30, a popular 30-day diet, focuses on eliminating sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy and eating primarily meat, nuts, seeds, seafood, eggs, vegetables and fruits.

These seven breakfast recipes all pass the Whole30 test, and they have the added bonus of being delicious, too.

1. Beet Berry Bowl

If you like your breakfast with a pop of color, this bright fruit bowl is the perfect start to your morning. All you need is a blender and the fruits the recipe calls for.

2. Monkey Salad

This recipe is ideal for when you’re really crunched on time. It requires little prep work and there’s no cooking involved.

3. Sausage Balls

Prep and cook this recipe when you have access to an oven during your home time. These sausage balls will be great to make in bulk and then heat up during your trip.

4. Bacon and Guacamole Sammies

These are ideal for busy truckers because all you need are two ingredients. Cook some bacon in your slow cooker by treating it like a frying pan or your preferred method of cooking and once they’re done stick some guacamole between the two slices. Just like that, your breakfast is ready.

5. Yam, Celery Root and Bacon Hash

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast hash? This recipe requires more cooking than the previous recipes on this list, but it yields plenty to eat over a few days.

6. 3-Ingredient Breakfast Skillet

The fewer the ingredients, the simpler the recipe. This recipe only takes about two minutes of prep work and 15 minutes of cooking time. It serves one, but you can adjust the servings as desired.

7. Grain Free Oatmeal

Keep it simple with this grain free oatmeal, a Whole30 twist on classic oatmeal. Throw the ingredients into a blender, pulse the mixture and then top with almond butter and milk.