Feeling happier can start while brushing teeth

Updated Aug 22, 2017

As that great thinker of our time Bobby McFerrin once said, “Don’t worry be happy.”

Happy FaceAnd, as you have no doubt often said during the course of your driving day, “Easier said then done, Bobby.”

Happiness can be elusive, especially if you’re on the road away from that which makes you happy: Home, family, pets, friends, sleeping in your own bed.

But, one man thinks you can up your level of happiness while brushing your teeth. Not by brushing your teeth, but by thinking about things that make you happy while you brush your teeth.

Happiness researcher (Yes, there appears to be such a job.) Shawn Achor, is the author of The Happiness Advantage. He suggests this simple exercise:

Think of three new things you’re happy about while brushing your teeth at night.Be sure the three things you come up with are actually new, be specific, don’t repeat items, and try not to go for the obvious like “my kids, my partner, my cat.”

Achor claims your brain make mental notes of things you can include on your list throughout the day, and this makes you appreciate things more in the moment as well as later on when you reflect.

Give it a try, and don’t worry … brush your teeth.