Skinners: Shoes or socks? Both or neither

Skinners fold down and fit in a carrying pouchSkinners fold down and fit in a carrying pouch

Another day’s drive is behind you, and while it might not be exactly Miller time, it is time to kick off your boots and relax.

But, what do you put on your feet?

How about Skinners, which are not exactly socks, but aren’t shoes either. The makers of this new category of footwear says they provide “the freedom of a sock, the great grip and the basic protection of shoes.”

Skinners are lightweight and portable, folding down to fit into their own carrying pouch for easy storage.

Made with anti-bacterial yarn, Skinners also have toe protection and a waterproof and non-abrasive sole.

So, when you’re done driving and want to relax in your sleeper, Skinners may be what you need. And, if you want to make one last dash to the truck stop for a snack, to hit the head or take a shower, there’s no need to put your boots back on.

Skinners are available online.