It’s chicken noodle soup time of year

You ran the heater in your truck all day today.

The CB chattered with talk of snow in some places.

The weather app on your smartphone is loaded with temperatures you haven’t seen in 10 months.

And, you double-checked to be sure you had your chains with you.

Now, there is only one thing left to do: Crock pot chicken soup!

Writing on her cooking blog Family Fresh Meals, Corey has a recipe for what she boldly calls, “The best crockpot chicken noodle soup.” Looking at the ingredients and the photos on her blog, it appears that may be an accurate title.

It cooks in six to seven hours on low, so this is a good meal you can start on a break and have waiting for you when you stop for dinner. This recipe at Family Fresh Meals makes enough for several meals.

Be sure to see her note about noodles at the bottom of the story.