Trucking keeps this woman connected to family, friends

Nova McFannNova McFann

Nova McFann, from Verbena, Alabama, learned to drive a truck when she was 15 years old. Her uncle owned a small 10-speed cabover and he taught an excited young McFann how to do drive it, and she immediately fell in love with the truck.

“I didn’t have my license yet and he was teaching me how to drive and I thought, that’s it: When I get out of high school, I’m either going to be a singer or a truck driver,” McFann said.

She had children and waited to start her trucking career until they were grown. She’s been driving professionally since 2008 and is approaching her 10-year anniversary in the industry. McFann pulls a reefer for May Trucking Company.

She’s always loved travel, but she specifically likes how trucking has let her stay connected to family and friends all across the country. She has family and friends in Alabama, California, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and other states.

“My favorite part is reconnecting with everybody all across the United States. I’ve got family and friends all over the place, and that’s my favorite part,” McFann said. “There are some beautiful places where they live. I’ve got friends everywhere.”

She can take home time anywhere in the country, so she uses that opportunity to stop in and visit people. These are people she knew before she started trucking, but might not have been able to stay in touch with otherwise.

“It just keeps me connected with them and I love that. I don’t just have to hear their voices get older over the phone or in pictures, I get to actually see them. Even if it’s for a moment, even that moment and a big hug or a cup of coffee – that’s awesome,” McFann said.

Her favorite part of the country is the East. The people there are kind, she says, and the scenery and colors in the fall can’t be beat.

“Some of the roads we take are very backroads. They’re windy little roads but you see the most beautiful countryside, so when you want to take your vacation, you know where you can go,” McFann said.