Woman driver points out the dangers of hauling coils

Daisy DelaneyDaisy Delaney

Daisy Delaney is familiar to many people in trucking for her thought-provoking videos on Facebook. Last year she was named one of the three inaugural Queens of the Road by the Real Women In Trucking organization.

Dalaney recently made a post to Facebook that got a lot of attention and made some good points she hopes others who share the highway with truck drivers will heed.

Here’s her post:

 This is a coil … it’s considered one of a truck drivers most lethally dangerous loads.

Most the time you won’t see them out like this (because) companies want us to cover them with tarps.

So if you see us rolling with a big covered lump in the middle of our trailers or what looks like hay bales all in a row … give us some room.

We can’t turn sharp corners (because) they can tip us over, and we certainly can’t slam on our brakes.

We leave a big pocket of space in front, (between) our front end and your loved ones (because) a lot of coils weigh 45,000+ pounds and we need a lot to stop.

These are only held down by chains … and enough stopping inertia can snap those chains.

Many times folks don’t know the risk of these loads … a situation that could make us slam on our brakes takes a different thought process than other loads.

We’re forced to either commit suicide or take out whatever is in front of us that just forced us to slam on our brakes … that would be you.

It’s not a comfortable ultimatum and one we ask you not to ask us to choose.

Feel free to share this and let’s educate our highways.


Delaney’s Facebook post was published in The Epoch Times.