Starting out? Veteran driver? Facebook group is for you


She Drives Trucks: Women Truckers GroupShe Drives has an opportunity for women truck drivers to chat, raise issues of concern and get to know one another better.

The She Drives Trucks: Women Truckers Group is on Facebook and is meant to a space for women drivers to connect. We invite you to share your experiences and tips for surviving and thriving in the trucking industry. She Drives Trucks editors will also be chiming in. This is a closed group, and we ask that you adhere to a few simple guidelines:

  • All posts must be trucking related
  • No personal attacks or offensive language
  • No spam, advertisements or GoFundMe pages

Comments or posts against the rules will be deleted and could result in being banned from the group. We may occasionally use your comments and posts in stories we are working on. In addition, we plan use this group to spur discussions and gather story ideas.

Join the new She Drives Facebook group.

We look forward to seeing you become a member of this group. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a private message to the She Drives Trucks Facebook page.

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