Sing it out: 10 ways music is good for your health


Whether you shake it off with Taylor Swift, think you should rule the world with Beyonce or are driving on the highway to Hell with AC/DC there is no denying that music is good for you.

And, music — from hip-hop to classical — delivers benefits in a variety of ways. Here are 10 ways music is good for your health:

  • University of Maryland researchers found when people listen to music that makes them feel good, they have better blood flow. That means your playlist is as good for your heart and blood vessels as it is for your ears.
  • Researchers at the University of Frankfurt discovered that singing boosts the immune system.
  • Listening to music can improve your mood, help you be happier and lessen feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Music has been shown to help people who have had a stroke. People who listened to their favorite music every day remembered more, had better focus, and were less depressed and confused.
  • One study found that patients those listened to music before, during, or after surgery had less pain compared with patients who skipped the tunes.
  • Experts believe singing can help strengthen throat and palate muscles. That, in turn, helps stop snoring and sleep apnea, a major issue for truck drivers.
  • Kids who play an instrument or sing are more likely to go to college. They also are likely to do well in math, science, and reading.
  • A study of older adults at risk of falling had far fewer falls when they listened and moved to music.
  •  Upbeat tunes can help you meet your fitness goals. In one study, men cycled harder and quicker, and enjoyed it more, when listening to faster music. What’s on your workout playlist?
  • British researchers discovered people who sang in a choir or alone, enjoyed greater emotional well-being. And, people in choirs reported feeling happier than those who belted out tunes solo.

So listening — or even singing along — to your playlist as you drive or when you are in your bunk after a long day on the road can help you in many ways.

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