Owner-operator featured in FMCSA safety message


Ingrid Brown is an independent owner-operator from Boone, North Carolina and also featured in “Voices of Safety,” a series of public information videos from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

On the FMCSA’s website, Brown said she started working for her father’s construction business when she was just 18. After getting her own truck, she said it “was a dream that became reality.” Today, after 40 years of driving, Brown has more than 4 million miles to her credit.

Brown says:

“As a truck driver, I’m blessed to see the most beautiful landscapes, in every form. I love meeting many amazing people along my travels. I have an enormous sense of gratitude, satisfaction, and accomplishment on the road. I’m involved with several organizations and charities and have joined others in the trucking industry to give back to our community. A few organizations I’m involved with include the Special Olympics, Christmas Across America, and Trucker Buddy International.

“I view the people I haul for as not just friends, but family too. Getting to my destination safely every time helps inspire me as a driver. I have two amazing, successful daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren in Georgia. They show there’s purpose in everything I do in life and every mile I roll.”