App tailors workouts to where you are


Keeping up with a daily exercise routine can be tricky even when you are home and have the time and wherewithal to get to a gym. It can seem impossible while driving over-the-road.

However, there is an app that helps you get strong, burn some calories and feel better no matter where you are.

Wakeout! delivers workouts you can do no matter where you are: on the couch watching TV, in bed, at the beach, at work.

For example, if you choose a workout for your living room. You can then choose between relaxing, energizing, intense or fun workouts. Then you get to choose a duration: quick, short or long routines. Once you make your choice, you get videos of someone demonstrating the particular exercise.

Like many apps these days, there are many free items but some of the more advanced ones require a purchase. For example, a one-month pro workout subscription is $4.99; a one-year subscription is $29.99.

Wakeout! is available for iOS.