DogMug makes keeping your pup hydrated easy

Updated Oct 8, 2019

If you take your dog on the road with you when you drive, you need to be able to ensure they are properly fed, get sufficient exercise, have opportunities for potty breaks and get plenty to drink.

AutoDogMug makes giving your dog water easy, less messyAutoDogMug makes giving your dog water easy, less messy

The AutoDogMug makes keeping your pup properly hydrated while on the road easy and keeps it from being a mess. This is a water container with a built-in bowl makes it easy to carry your dog’s refreshment and keep it from getting all over your truck.

All you do is:

  • twist open the valve open
  • squeeze bottle to fill the bowl with water
  • place it in front of your dog to drink
  • continue squeezing until your dog is finished drinking
  • release your grip on the bottle and allow excess water to drain back into the bottle
  • twist valve in the opposite direction to close

The twist seal prevents water from leaking. It allows for easy one-handed operation, and because it is slightly translucent, the bottle allows you to see the water level. And, it fits nicely in most cup holders. 

Order online for $20; available in four colors.