Mentorship program aims to create next generation of women leaders

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The American Trucking Associations has unveiled its Women in Motion Mentorship Program, designed to foster the growth and development of women in the transportation industry.

Committed to empowering women professionals, ATA aims to create an inclusive environment where experienced leaders can inspire and guide the next generation of women leaders.

The Women in Motion Mentorship Program will be launched during ATA's Management Conference & Exhibition, scheduled for Oct. 14-17 in Austin, Texas. As part of the conference, ATA will host a mentor-mentee mixer event, providing mentors and mentees with an ideal setting to connect and begin cultivating valuable relationships.

“As a mentor, you not only have the chance to give back and make a positive impact on someone's life but also to learn and grow from the experience,” said Women in Motion Co-Chair Sarah Rajtik, ATA executive vice president of human resources, operations and industry affairs. “Through mentorship, we can collectively empower the next generation of women leaders and shape a brighter future for our industry.”

Open to professionals in various roles within the industry, including drivers, dispatchers, managers, technicians, executives, HR professionals, meetings professionals and lawyers, the Women in Motion Mentorship Program invites individuals to join as mentors and make a profound difference in the lives of young women. Recognizing the immeasurable value of their knowledge and expertise, ATA encourages mentors to share their wisdom with aspiring women professionals seeking guidance, support, and encouragement.

The Women in Motion Mentorship Program offers mentors an opportunity to have a lasting impact on the personal and professional journeys of their mentees. By participating as a mentor, individuals can shape the future of the transportation industry by nurturing talent and empowering young women to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Moreover, active involvement in the mentorship program contributes to fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment that values and embraces women at all levels.

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To become a mentor and learn more about the program guidelines, please visit

The application process is simple, and ATA encourages all successful, experienced women professionals passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise to submit their applications today.