Rewind: Freightliner’s big news all in one place

In December, when we sit down to write our “Top Ten Trucking Stories of 2015” story, barring any major change, the arrival this week of Freightliner’s self-driving Inspiration Truck is likely to be at or near the top of that list.

Inspiration truck on a Nevada highway

Not far behind will be the introduction of SuperTruck, also from Freightliner.

On Tuesday (May 5), Freightliner parent company Daimler gave the media gathered in Las Vegas a taste Inspiration Truck. Then, on Wednesday night, the truck had its official coming out on top of the Hoover Dam, which ad been turned into the world’s largest video projection screen.

Thursday, journalists got to drive SuperTruck and ride along in Inspiration Truck.

We’ve collected our coverage in one place, but rest assured, this is far from the last word on this milestone story.