From circus truck to a Huskie with plenty of pull

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David Quail is a happy man.

And, why not?

“I don’t work a day of my life,” said the owner/operator with his own authority. “I’ve found a niche, and I really enjoy what I do.”

David Quail’s Brockway

Quail has driven on his own since 1993. He said he has two fabrication shops for which he delivers up and down the East Coast with a 2000 Kenworth T800.

When he’s home in Marathon, NY, Quail can usually be found in a much different truck: a 1970 Brockway 361. And, more often than not, he’ll be in his Huskie at truck pulling contests and county fairs.

“I’ve pulled for 15 years with every truck I’ve owned,” said Quail. “We’re usually in the top three with this truck.”

Quail said he and his nephew rebuilt the truck, which “was a basket case when I got it” in 2007.

In its previous life, according to Quail, the Brockway had been a circus truck used by Childress Entertainment of Georgia.

Lil’ Audrey, the truck and its namesake

Today, the unmistakable green and white Brockway cab sits atop a 1995 Volvo frame, and it has a relatively new drivetrain.

Brockways, which were built in Cortland, NY not far from where Quail lives, have been part of Quail’s life for a long time, as have trucks in general. He said he rode with his grandfather, who was a truck driver. His father drove a Brockway, and Quail said he started his own driving career in a Huskie.

But, one Brockway is not enough. Quail has another at home; a 1964 Model 147 he is turning into a stepside pickup.

“I just wanted to do something no one else has done,” said Quail.

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