Massachusetts RR bridge ‘no go zone’ for trucks


Now there is one less place trucks are welcome … but it’s for your own good.

The Chicopee (Massachusetts) City Council voted 13-0 last week to ban trucks from driving under the railroad bridge on Prospect Street, also known as “the bridge at Al’s Diner.” The bridge has a posted clearance of just 11 feet, 9 inches, too low for most tractor-trailers.

Still, some drivers ignore the signage or don’t know the height of their trailer and try to drive under, often with disastrous  results. Because of that, the city is banning truck traffic under the railroad overpass.

The city said signs will be placed on Yelle Street, the top of Buckley Boulevard, the bottom of Buckley Boulevard, on Chicopee Street near the state Registry of Motor Vehicles and on Chicopee Street near the Willimansett Bridge. (See the map below the video.)

Chicopee is located at the junctions of interstates 90 and 91 in the south central part of the state.

Aerial Map