Utah man spotted a wrecked tanker during a blizzard and rescued driver

Updated Jan 20, 2024

A Utah man is credited with saving the life of a tank truck driver whose rig left the road in whiteout conditions and rolled down and hill before coming to rest at the bottom of a gully.

Tyler Mahoney was traveling on U.S. 40 in northeast Utah Friday, Jan. 12 in blizzard conditions and pulled into a parking area when the visibility worsened. While stopped, Mahoney told KSL-TV he saw a double tanker rig on its side with its hazard lights flashing.

Mahoney walked down the hill and found the truck's driver standing with his head out the passenger's side window. Mahoney pulled the windshield free and helped the driver, Kent Ashton, out of the truck. He was soaked with crude oil which had spilled from one of the tankers.

Mahoney's father, who was driving behind his son, showed up on a snowmobile, which Mahoney used to carry Ashton up the steep hill and to the safety of his truck.

EMTs eventually arrived and took Ashton to a nearby hospital.