Music: New Florida Georgia Line arrives

Updated Oct 14, 2014
anything goes
Florida Georgia Line’s new album “Anything Goes” arrives today.

The boys – Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly, a.k.a. Florida Georgia Line – are back. The hot country/rock/hip-hop duo has a new album, Anything Goes, dropping today and the first three singles – Dirt, Sun Daze and Anything Goes — from it have already cooked the charts. The guys’ second studio album is a follow-up to monster hit album Here’s To The Good Times. That last album was a mother lode of hits, including Cruise, which spent a record-setting 24 weeks on top of Billboard’s Hot Country chart. The album was 10 weeks at the top of the charts. Anything Goes includes 12 songs. The duo is touring in support of this latest effort. You can follow the two on Twitter; Hubbard’s handle is @THubbmusic, and Kelley can be found at @PlayBkPlay. $9.99 (Check out this article from The New York Times about the changing sound of country.)