Look back: Most read Truckers News stories of October 2015

Editor’s Note: Before 2016 arrives, Truckers News is taking a look back at the year about to expire. Over the next two weeks we’re looking at the stories and videos that were most popular with you, our readers.

October saw Operation Safe Driver Week come and go as enforcement officers were out in full force. Also, the FMCSA concluded the data collection phase of its 34-hour restart study.

These were the most read Truckers News stories of October 2015:

1. Reminder: Operation Safe Driver Week approaches (Read it here.)

Operation Safe Driver Week took place Oct. 18-24, and heightened safety traffic enforcement was expected on the roads. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, who co-sponsors the initiative, revealed the top 5 warnings and citations given in 2014 were: speeding, failure to use a safety belt, failure to obey a traffic control device, possession/use/under influence of alcohol and improper lane change.

2. Study of driver for 34-hour restart report completed (Read it here.)

The FMCSA concluded the data collection phase of the Congressionally required study on 2013’s 34-hour restart rule. FMCSA collected data for five months on two groups of drivers: One abiding by pre-2013 rules and one following the 2013 requirements. The agency studied 220 drivers, capturing more than 3,000 driver duty cycles.

3. Truck driver called serial killer; “executed five people” (Read it here.)

An Ohio truck was indicted by a grand jury in an indictment that included 25 charges, including murder, kidnapping, rape and more.

These were the most watched videos on Truckers News from October 2015:

1. Video shows horrific crash, fire of tanker on NJ turnpike

2. Truck driver undeterred by flood waters

3. Video shows what happens when waterspout hits mail truck