Do you luv a trucker? Tell us all about them

A year ago, one wife wrote about this about her truck-driving husband in our “iLuv My Trucker“:

My trucker is the kind of person that can always put a smile on my face. No matter if he is with me or hundreds of miles away. Everything he does is so special. He has stolen my heart. And I will always be here waiting for him to come home.”

Now that is the essence of luv and also the sort of sentiment we want to share in this year’s edition of “i Luv My Trucker” here on Truckers News.

We want to hear from wives or girlfriends, husbands or boyfriends, significant others, sons, daughters, moms, dads … well, from anyone who luvs their trucker.

This is our way of showing off the personal side — the romantic side too — of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which started Sept. 11 and runs through Saturday, Sept. 17. But, we’re not limiting the time you have to share your trucker luv. You can take the next month and tell us about the trucker(s) you luv.

Here’s what another wife said of the driver in her life:

“He is kind, smart, funny, compassionate, lovable, hard working, faithful, loves his sons and step-son very much and is always trying to solve everyone’s problems in order to make their lives better.”

Sharing your trucker luv story is easy. Just fill out the form and attach a photo of the driver who drove off with your heart and then click the “Submit Your Nomination” button. We’ll do our best to post it soon after it arrives.

And, look for it on Truckers News and on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

And, we close with what this man said about his truck driving wife:

“She took on a hard part of the trucking industry that most women would not try, which is flatbedding and is learning and growing as a trucker. I would put her up against any woman out there running the road. Safety is a huge part of her.”

Ahhhh, luv!

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