Can there be too much winter for ‘Ice Road Truckers’? Yes!

Todd Dewey from his Facebook post from filming “Ice Road Trucker.”Todd Dewey from his Facebook post from filming “Ice Road Trucker.”

If you recall Ice Road Truckers from Season X, you’ll remember it would have been more aptly titled Mud Road Truckers or Thawed Ice Road Truckers or What A Pain This Is Road Truckers. Unusually mild weather melted lake crossings, turned the muskeg into mush and beat the tar out of trucks and truckers.

No worries of that in Season XI!

Ice Road Trucker Todd Dewey Tuesday offered this quick weather report from exceedingly wintery Winnipeg: “Holy moly, what a storm we are having! I’m stuck, truck is stuck, and filming stopped. So far 3 feet and 3 more tonight, kinda hard to truck on 5 feet of snow on the ice!”

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