Country veteran Marty Stuart heads west

Marty Stuart’s newest album is “Way Out West”Marty Stuart’s newest album is “Way Out West”

Marty Stuart, who has been part of the bluegrass/country music scene for 46 of his 58 years is back with a new album, his 18th solo effort.

Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives recently released the 15-cut Way Out West to positive reviews. It’s an appreciation of the American West by a boy who grew up in Mississippi and who began singing gospel and playing bluegrass at the tender age of 12.

“Everything that came out of California captivated my kid mind in Mississippi,” says Stuart on his website.

In a review of the album for Rolling Stone, Andrew Leahey wrote: “Way Out West is something different: An album that avoids pitfalls as well as predictabilities, serving up something fresh even as it honors the old.”

Way Out West is available online at Amazon and iTunes.

1. Desert Prayer- Part1
2. Mojave
3. Lost On The Desert
4. Way Out West
5. El Fantasma Del Toro
6. Old Mexico
7. Time Don’t Wait
8. Quicksand
9. Air Mail Special
10. Torpedo
11. Please Don’t Say Goodbye
12. Whole Lotta Highway (With A Million Miles To Go)
13. Desert Prayer – Part 2
14. Wait For The Morning
15. Way Out West (Reprise)