Iron & Wine’s new album looks at transition of life

Album cover art for Iron & Wine’s “Beast Epic”Album cover art for Iron & Wine’s “Beast Epic”

Iron & Wine’s “Beast Epic,” due out Aug. 25, explores life from youth to adulthood, including all the ups and downs along the way.

Sam Beam, known by his stage name Iron & Wine, said he has always been fascinated by the way time asserts itself on bodies and minds.

“The ferris wheel keeps spinning and we’re constantly approaching, leaving or returning to something totally unexpected or startlingly familiar. This rite of passage is an image I’ve returned to often because I feel we’re all constantly in some stage of transition,” Beam said.

The album is available for preorder on Amazon and iTunes

The album track list:

1. Claim Your Ghost

2. Thomas County Law

3. Bitter Truth

4. Song in Stone

5. Summer Clouds

6. Call It Dreaming

7. About a Bruise

8. Last Night

9. Right for Sky

10. The Truest Stars We Know

11. Our Light Miles