Chris Janson’s new album made for everybody

Chris Janson on the cover of his “Everybody” album.Chris Janson on the cover of his “Everybody” album.

Chris Janson’s latest album, “Everybody,” aims to offer something for everyone. The title track, Janson says, is a song for people from all walks of life.

“‘Everybody is a song for everybody,” Janson said in a Warner Music Nashville release. “It’s a world piece. It talks about all walks of life and jumbles them up into one song. I think the words ring really true. From the minute I started playing it live, people got it and understood it. That’s how I measure my songs.”

The song is one of 12 on the album, due out today. It is available on Amazon and iTunes.

The album’s track list:

1. Who’s Your Farmer 

2. Everybody

3. Name On It

4. Eyes For Nobody

5. Fix A Drink

6. Out There

7. Little Bit of Both

8. Our World

9. Bein’ A Dad

10. When You Like Me

11. Redneck Life

12. Drunk Girl