25-year veteran driver wins TMC’s top award

Herb House is TMC Transportation’s 2017’s Wheel Master.

TMC’s Herb HouseTMC’s Herb House

The annual Wheel Master award is the highest driver honor given at TMC, according to the company, which said, “Herb’s hard work and dedication to his Black and Chrome family over the past 25 years has earned him this notable distinction.”

House, who drives for TMC’s Specialized Division, will be honored at the annual Wheel Master Meeting at TMC’s headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa in March. Each spring, the company hosts former Wheel Masters, some retired, many still active drivers, for a luncheon and to induct the newest Wheel Master.

According to a blog post on the TMC website:

Herb left his factory job in 1982 to chase his sense of adventure. He decided to go to truck driving school, and shortly after he found his niche in the flatbed industry. He spent some time with other carriers, but there was only one company he really wanted to work for. Finally in 1993, Herb took the chance and officially signed on with TMC. Two and a half decades and 2.5 million safe driving miles later, Herb will be joining a small group of prestigious drivers that call themselves TMC Wheel Masters.

“I feel like I’ve grown both as a driver and as a person during my time with TMC. I’ve learned a lot about patience,” said House.

House has won nearly every safe driving award TMC has to offer, and was also named Driver of the Quarter in 2010, according to the company.

“I don’t think there really is a secret to being a safe driver,” said House. “Pay attention to detail and don’t be afraid to ask questions. But above all, just keep your wheels on the ground.”

House lives in Morrison, Illinois with his wife Teri.