Deaf driver passes skills test, earns Class A CDL

Updated May 12, 2018

“Joey Woodle has wanted to be a truck driver since he was a little boy, but until recently, one major hurdle was standing in his way – he is deaf and unable to pass the whisper test portion of the DOT physical.”

Joey Woodle signs with his interpreter.Joey Woodle signs with his interpreter.

That’s Matt Cole writing for Overdrive about a man who overcame an obstacle to have his dream come true. Cole continues:

“Woodle, a 50-year-old from Huntsville, Alabama, grew up in a trucking family. His father and uncle are both truckers, and he said he rode along with them and grew to love trucking at a young age.

“He obtained his Class A CDL in Alabama on Wednesday, May 9, after passing his skills test. He is one of the first deaf people in the state to obtain his Class A license in the five years since FMCSA began granting hearing exemptions.

“’I thought it was really interesting, and I thought ‘well, I can do that too,’” Woodle said through an interpreter. My dad taught me a lot of different things about trucking, and it really got me excited and motivated, and I really hoped I’d be able to do it even though I was deaf.'”

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