Krystal Keith, Toby Keith’s daughter, releasing EP

Krystal Keith on the cover of her “Boulder” EP. (Image Courtesy of Amazon)Krystal Keith on the cover of her “Boulder” EP. (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

Krystal Keith, daughter of country legend Toby Keith, is set to release a five-song EP called “Boulder” this month. The EP is her second project for the Show Dog Nashville label.

“Boulder” is a reflection of where Krystal wants to take her music career.

“On the first album I really wanted to show I wouldn’t be boxed into one sound,” she said in a press release. “‘Boulder’ is more reflective of where I want to go right now.”

The EP comes out Friday, July 13. It’s available for preorder on Amazon and iTunes.

The EP’s track list:

1. Boulder

2. I Got You

3. Anyone Else

4. Then It Started Raining

5. Resting Beach Face