Trucker busted for DUI, other drivers unload on Facebook

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California Highway Patrol officers Tuesday, Sept. 24, arrested a truck driver they say was involved in two hit-and-run accidents and for driving under the influence. Their post on Facebook about the bust drew a deluge of comments, many from truckers who were unhappy with the driver, who CHP did not identify.

CHP officer arrests driver accused of driving under the influence and causing two hit-and-run accidents. (CHP photo)CHP officer arrests driver accused of driving under the influence and causing two hit-and-run accidents. (CHP photo)

Jarrett Nicordo commented: “This is a disgrace for all the hard-working truck driver’s out there. Don’t think truckers support (this) type of behavior. We make the economy strong with transportation. A lot of (us) value safety. The moment you deviate from safety is when accident(s) happen. Don’t let this guy stain our image.”

James Romero said: “From a former Deputy Sheriff and truck driver in Texas. Great job no excuses. I myself never thought about drinking and driving. I have family out on the highway and their lives mean a lot to me. Awesome job.”

Monica Hilgenberg made this comment: “I work in safety for one of the largest transportation companies in the country and we have zero tolerance. He will never work for a company that actually follows the regulations made by the FMCSA or ones that actually care about safety. He just killed his career for a couple drinks.”

Chris Watson added this: “From a trucker: thanks for taking out the trash. I have no “brotherhood” with anyone who would touch a rig with alcohol in his blood. Professional pilots have a 24-hour “bottle to throttle” rule. I recommend it for my fellow truckers too. (And no, I’m not a teetotaling prude. I’m actually a snob for pricy Scotch.)”

Susan Jackson Pressler, the wife of a trucker, said: “This is just horrible and he could have killed many! Thank you for arresting him. My hubby drives a big rig and would never do this. He is randomly tested for drugs, which is his pleasure. Shame on this man.”

Trucker Joshua Smalley commented: “As a CDL driver I see more alcohol-related crashes than most, and it always breaks my heart. Good on you CHP! No excuse for drinking and driving!”

Another driver, Pete Read, posted: “As a truck driver, I deplore anybody who climbs behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle after having any amount of an alcoholic beverage.”

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Jason Guardado said: “I’m a trucker myself and when I see another trucker swerving in and out of lanes I call the CHP on them. That could be my family member out there they hurt or kill.”

Jeremy Sawyer made this comment: “Good job, CHP. I drive commercial myself and there is no excuse for a DUI. His career is now over as it should be. Driver should’ve known better than to drive intoxicated.”