Straps? I needed straps on this load?


The Georgia Department of Public Safety posted a mind-boggling photo to its Facebook page Monday, Jan. 27. Seems as though the driver of this load told the cops they thought the load was heavy enough as to not need to be strapped down. As the cops said, “Properly Secure the Load – Every Time.”

Of course, folks had to add their thoughts about the issue:

Dorys Cayouette: “I think I just found his brain under the foot of snow we got last night.”

Corey Callan: “I have done flatbed, dropdeck and heavy/oversized in the past. One (thing) that I have learned is if it ain’t tight, it ain’t right. I have been told that I have a habit of strapping too tight, too many chains, and so on. Funny thing is, I have never had a load to shift, nor lost any part of a load. I believe this guy was overweight and had to lose some to get through the weight station … lol

Daniel Howell:” So the yard employees, gate personnel, and driver all agreed that a load of lumber wasn’t supposed to be secured as lumber? I’m just saying …”

Dave Hendrickson: “And this is what the trucking industry coming to.”

Johnny Miller:” The total number of straps should be strong enough to hold one and one-half times of the weight of the load. No matter how small the load is it should have at least two straps holding it!”