4 tips to make sure frozen foods remain good, safe

Be careful with frozen foods

One of the best ways to be sure you have healthy food at hand on the road is to freeze meals and/or ingredients at home and keep them frozen in a cooler or your in-cab fridge/freezer.

However, freezing foods requires some attention. Here are some tips to ensure what you freeze and eventually eat remains as fresh, nutritious, tasty and safe as it was before freezing it:

  • Know how long you can keep each type of food in the freezer before it goes bad
  • Freeze foods at the peak of its ripeness/freshness
  • Liquids expand when frozen so leave enough room in the container (Remember what happened to that can of soda you left in your car last winter?)
  • Some foods don’t freeze well, among them eggs in their shells or potatoes

Frozen Food - Recommended Storage Times