Expect increased cargo theft risks this holiday weekend

CargoNet and FreightWatch International, two cargo theft reporting firms, are warning truckers to expect an increased risk of cargo theft over the Labor Day weekend.

Labor Day weekend cargo thefts from 2012-2015 had an average value of $159,654 according to FreightWatch. In 2015 alone, 89 percent of Labor Day cargo thefts happened in California, Texas, Florida and Georgia. The total value of cargo stolen from 2012-2015 added up to $13.6 million, according to CargoNet.

So how can truckers keep that from happening to them?

FreightWatch recommends logistics and security professionals ensure security protocols are up to date and in line with industry best practices, particularly for in-transit and warehouse operations. Those two areas are anticipated to be heavily targeted over the Labor Day weekend.

CargoNet also recommends drivers secure their trailers with high security barrier seals and hardened padlocks, secure tractors with high security locking devices and arrive to their point of pickup well-rested, showered, fed and with a full fuel tank.

Notable thefts from previous Labor Day weekends, from CargoNet:

  • $5,700,000 in cell phones from a warehouse in New Castle, Delaware 
  • $1,300,000 in silver from a port in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
  • $800,000 in cell phones from a truck stop in Jackson, Tennessee 
  • $360,000 in electronics from Ontario, Canada 
  • $300,000 in apparel and accessories from New Brunswick, New Jersey

Notable thefts from 2012-2015 Labor Day weekends, from FreightWatch:

  • Pilferage of $1.5 million in cell phones in Tennessee
  • Full truckload theft of $250,000 in seafood in Florida
  • Facility theft of $200,000 of computers in California
  • Full truckload theft of $680,000 of television in California
  • Fictitious pickup of $500,000 of apparel in California
  • Pilferage of $273,000 of pharmaceuticals in Georgia

On the traffic side, the National Safety Council is anticipating more roadway deaths this Labor Day weekend than in any of the past eight years. They estimate the number of roadway deaths will be over 430. Roadway deaths are up 9 percent in 2016 in general, with 19,000 people having died on the road in the first half of the year. NSC warns the total number of roadway deaths for 2o16 could end up being as much as 40,000.

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