5 new Love’s add total of 450 truck parking spaces

Updated Dec 18, 2016
Love’s in South Jacksonville, IllinoisLove’s in South Jacksonville, Illinois

Love’s continues to open new stores during its most expansive year ever.

The company opened five new locations across five states Thursday, Dec. 15, adding more than 450 truck parking spaces. It was the most store openings in a single day in Love’s history.

Love’s opened stores in:

  • South Jacksonville, Illinois
  • Ellsworth, Iowa
  • New London, Missouri
  • Norfolk, Nebraska
  • Cayce, South Carolina

“Providing professional drivers with more safe places to park is a priority, so adding more than 450 truck parking spaces across five states is a big deal for us and our Customers,” said Greg Love, co-CEO of Love’s. “The new locations are placed in areas where demands for parking and driver services are high.”

Details on the five new Love’s Travel Stops include:

South Jacksonville, Illinois

  • Location: Interstate 72, Exit 64
  • Truck parking spaces: 69
  • Showers: five
  • IHOP Express restaurant

Ellsworth, Iowa

  • Location: Interstate 35 and State Route 175
  • Truck parking spaces: 100
  • Showers: seven
  • Love’s Truck Tire Care
  • Hardee’s restaurant

New London, Missouri

  • Location: U.S. Highway 61 and State Route 19
  • Truck parking spaces: 112
  • Showers: five
  • Love’s Truck Tire Care
  • Hardee’s restaurant

Norfolk, Nebraska

  • Location: U.S. Highway 81 and Monroe Avenue
  • Truck parking spaces: 79
  • Showers: five
  • IHOP Express restaurant

Cayce, South Carolina

  • Location: Interstate 77, Exit 5
  • Truck parking spaces: 92
  • Showers: seven
  • Chester’s Chicken restaurant
  • McDonald’s restaurant