Speed limiter rule could die under Trump’s directive

Updated Feb 5, 2017

The much-debated proposed federal rule requiring speed limiting technology on all heavy duty trucks may come to a screeching halt under the strict regulatory directives of President Donald Trump.

After taking office, Trump quickly decreed a halt to any new regulations, and said with the institution of any new regulations, two existing ones needed to be eliminated.

Writing for Commercial Carrier Journal, James Jaillet quotes Joe Rajkovacz, head of regulatory affairs for the Western States Trucking Associations: ““[Trump’s regulatory] freeze I think is a death knell for the speed limiter mandate — that’s an easy one since so many in the industry have ripped it apart.”

Trucking trade associations and individual drivers have been highly critical of the rule.

Trump’s actions also put a stop to another trucking regulation. Halted by the regulatory freeze was a rule creating minimum training standards for new truck drivers proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.