Ontario surveys truckers about parking

truck parking lot

The U.S. is not the only country where truckers have trouble finding safe places to park.

If your driving takes you through Canada, you may also find parking is an issue in some provinces there as well.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Canadian Trucking Associations want to know just how big a problem parking is in the southern part of Ontario. They are collaborating on a comprehensive survey to determine, they say, how to improve access to parking and make the life of truckers easier. They say:

“The survey asks about the challenges you may have faced trying to find suitable parking on specific highways and the amenities that are currently provided at truck stops.  We would like to hear from all truck drivers who use Southern Ontario highways, whether or not based in Ontario.  By asking about the extent to which existing truck stops meet drivers’ needs, we can make more informed recommendations to the province regarding improvement of truck parking and rest areas.”

See the survey.