Cop rescues driver’s runaway dog

Updated May 12, 2018
Sergeant Robyn Lescher and Daisy (CHP photo)Sergeant Robyn Lescher and Daisy (CHP photo)

We recently posted a story about how a diligent EMT went out of their way to reunite an injured trucker with his dog, which had gone missing following an accident.

Here’s another bit of canine rescue news.

On May 4, a California Highway Patrol commercial vehicle sergeant stopped a tractor-trailer on US 101 for going down the Cuesta Grade at an unsafe speed, according to a CHP Facebook page. During the stop, the driver’s dog, a Yorkie and chihuahua mix named Daisy fell from the truck and took off down the side of the highway.

The CHP officer that made the stop tried to locate the dog to no avail. The search was taken up by Sergeant Robyn Lescher, who, as it was said on Facebook, “after two hours located Daisy, calmed her down and was able to catch her. Lescher took Daisy home for the night and that next morning met the owner to reunite the two.”

The driver’s wife posted this to the CHP Facebook page:

“I just wanted to tell you guys you have some pretty amazing officers working here. Yesterday my little Yorkie chihuahua mix Daisy fell out of my husband’s semi truck on US highway 101 and got scared and ran off. One officer whom I don’t know the name of drove a mile out back in the direction she ran to look for her but couldn’t find her. Then an amazing woman named Sargent Lescher came to my girl’s rescue. It took two attempts but she finally caught her. I’ve had Daisy for almost 7 years now for my depression and was completely devastated. She wouldn’t have made it on that busy freeway if it wasn’t for Sargent Lescher. I am so grateful for everything the officers did to bring my baby home. Thank you so much San Luis Obispo CHP.”