Ohio protest attracts 40 trucks, drivers

Updated Mar 11, 2019

Some 40 trucks were part of the “slow roll” protest in Ohio Friday.

Andy Scott, one of the organizers, said the drive started with 27 trucks and others joined along the route along Interstate 70 between London and Columbus. He said five cars were also part of the protest, which is part of a larger effort organized by Black Smoke Matters and the United States Transportation Alliance.

“I feel the slow roll went great,” said Scott. “We pulled out with 27 trucks (and) within 15 minutes we were at 40 trucks.”

Like similar protests in Illinois and Indiana earlier this year, the Ohio event was meant to draw attention to what organizers say is the need for hours of service reform, more safe truck parking and improved training. It was also meant to create awareness of a larger trucker shutdown planned for April 12.