Truck parking information signs come to Indiana Toll Road

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The company that operates the Indiana Toll Road is installing a network of smart parking signs for truck drivers.

Through a mix of sensors and cameras, the dynamic signs will provide truck drivers an approximate count of the available parking spaces along the roadway, creating a safer and more efficient travel experience, according to the ITR Concession Company. 

The dynamic boards detail the number of available parking spaces in the three nearest facilities, allowing truckers to make on-the-fly adjustments of trip plans.

Parking space availability is also transmitted through Truck Specialized Parking Services' (TSPS) Osprey platform, which populates up-to-date parking availability through web, iOS, and Android applications. 

"Our goal is to give commercial drivers the opportunity to plan their trips more accurately," said Rick Fedder, ITRCC's COO. "The information will assist in reducing congestion at our parking facilities while also empowering drivers to make quality choices about when, and where, they choose to rest."

The 156-mile-long highway, which is p[art of Interstate 90, runs east-west across the top of Indiana from Ohio to Illinois.