Colorado troopers holding one-day focus on distracted driving

Colorado State Police badge

Law enforcement officers in Colorado today are conducting a special enforcement operation to bring awareness to and put an end to distracted driving.

A statement from the Colorado State Patrol said officers will look for signs of distracted driving including lane violations, speeding, and careless and reckless driving behaviors.

The highways troopers and local police agencies will focus on include Highway 34, Highway 40, Highway 50, Highway 160, Highway 287, Interstate 70, and Interstate 25.

The statement from the troopers said over the past three years fatal and injury crashes have significantly increased across Colorado and throughout the US. In 2022, Colorado lost 745 lives to traffic fatalities, the most roadway deaths in the state since 1981. Many of these crashes are caused by simple distractions. 

Troopers offer these tips to help reduce highway accidents:

  • Pay close attention to speed limits. In poor weather, never drive beyond your vehicle’s capabilities
  • Put the distractions aside. Place your cell phone out of reach and if it is that important, pull off at the next gas station or exit ramp. Better yet, give it to your passengers and let them navigate those messages. Open snacks before you start driving and eat those meals somewhere other than behind the wheel
  • If you see dangerous driving actions by another motorist, slow down and keep them safely in front of you. This is a good opportunity to pull over and call *CSP
  • Make sure everybody in your vehicle is properly buckled
  • Never drive impaired by alcohol or drugs