Driver health challenge gets under way

The St. Christopher Fund booth at GATS 2016. (Photo: Deanne Winslett)The St. Christopher Fund booth at GATS 2016. (Photo: Deanne Winslett)

From osteoporosis to an increased risk for heart disease, women have plenty to worry about when it comes to their health. The St. Christopher Fund wants to help give women truck drivers the extra push they may need to head in a healthier direction.

The fund launched its second Driven to be Healthy Challenge at the Great American Trucking Show this past weekend in Dallas. Truckers participating in the challenge are paired with a mentor to help them be successful as they compete in two main categories: greatest percentage of weight loss and most active minutes walking/running.

The challenge runs through February, 2017. It is open to all current CDL holders.

“The goal is to get healthy,”said Julie Dillon communications and wellness manager for the fund. “We want drivers to build a healthier lifestyle so they don’t have to call us and tell us they can’t work because of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure. They can start on the preventative side and take care of these things when they’re younger so they don’t have to call us later in life unable to work because of a health problem.”

Truckers can join the challenge at any time. Truckers interested in participating can register online at

The two grand prizes are a trip to Las Vegas to learn healthy habits and exercises and a fishing trip in Minnesota. A one month completion challenge, taking place in September, will award drivers a $25 Kroger gift card if they complete 150 minutes of exercise each week for four weeks.