3 podcasts by women to listen to while on the road

PodcastsYou may not be able to watch television while you’re driving, but that doesn’t mean your truck‘s radio has to be your only entertainment.

Podcasts cover a range of topics and can be a great way to pass time when you’re burnt out on radio tuns and talk shows. These three podcasts by women will keep you entertained and informed.

1. Nerdette

Nerdette is where women go to get their geek on. Whatever you may be passionate about — pop culture, history, technology — Nerdette’s got you covered. The podcast is a forum for women co-hosted by Greta Johnson and Tricia Bobeda, who frequently have guests on the show.

2. Dear Sugar Radio

Cheryl Strayed, best-selling author of the book “Wild,” partners with Steve Almond to answer audience questions on any topic — seriously, any topic. Think an advice column, but with a twist. They accept questions to the podcast’s email address and release new episodes weekly.

3. Criminal

The Criminal podcast is run by Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer. Both women were producers on The Story with Dick Gordon before branching off to create their podcast. Criminal’s content focus is clear from it’s a title — it takes an in-depth look at crime and its complexities. A recent podcast debated the role of a tiger at a Louisiana truck stop.