FMCSA suspends some regs because of storm


A regional emergency was declared by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Western and Southern Service Centers in response to Subtropical Storm Alberto. The emergency declaration suspends hours of service regulations for truckers hauling relief loads and emergency supplies to states in the path of the storm.

The storm made landfall in Florida Monday, delivering heavy rains and high winds. The forecast calls for the storm to weaken as it moves northward throughout the rest of the week, reaching the Great Lakes by Thursday morning.

The declaration applies to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas, and lasts “for the duration of the emergency,” or until June 27, whichever is earlier.

Covered by the temporary waiver are, drivers “providing direct assistance supporting emergency relief efforts transporting supplies, equipment and persons into or from the affected states or providing other assistance in the form of emergency services during the emergency resulting from the storm,” it states. Drivers hauling fuel products to the affected areas are also covered by the waiver.

See the FMCSA’s declaration.