Nothing new in case of trucker found dead at truck stop

Updated Oct 25, 2018

Police say there have been no updates in the death investigation of a female truck driver who was found dead in her rig at a New Orleans truck stop last month.

Karmeshia Thomas, a 25-year-old woman from Mississippi who drove for KLLM Transport, was found dead in her rig at the Mardi Gras Truck Stop in New Orleans on Sept. 12. Her body was discovered after her fleet called the truck stop asking them to do a wellness check on her. Joyce Thomas, Karmeshia’s mother, told media her daughter’s body was discovered “covered in blood” and she wants to know why it took three days for the truck stop to check on her daughter because she had not paid for parking at the truck stop since that Sunday, Joyce said.

A representative for the New Orleans Police Department confirmed on Oct. 23 that while there have been no updates, the investigation remains active and is listed as an unclassified death.