Company sees driving truck like flying a drone

Driver in Starsky Robotics autonomous truck enjoying a snakDriver in Starsky Robotics autonomous truck enjoying a snak

Starksy Robotics, a San Francisco-based startup company, is tackling the problem of how to autonomously drive a truck before it gets on an interstate and once it gets off. Writing in Commercial Carrier Journal, Jason Cannon’s recent article says Starsky, “… solves the issue of final-mile delivery by removing drivers from the cab entirely and putting them in an office where they can remotely operate the truck from terminal to delivery.” He quotes Starksy Robotics co-founder Stefan Seltz-Axmacher as saying, “Think of it as a really boring video game. It’s a truck simulator but with an actual vehicle. You’re turning a steering wheel. You’re working the pedals. You basically drive the truck like you would fly a drone.” Here’s a video of a delivery one of Starsky Robotics’ retrofitted Freightliners made.