Ruan deploys all-electric terminal truck in St. Joseph, Missouri

Ruan Orange Ev Electric Truck With Ruan Trailer 2022 1 17

Ruan Transportation Management Systems announced today the deployment of an Orange EV pure electric terminal truck at an operations facility in St. Joseph, Missouri. With the addition of this fully electric unit, Ruan said it is expanding its heavy-duty electric vehicle fleet and further supporting a sustainable, energy-efficient supply chain.

Ruan is already using various alternative fuels including compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, biodiesel blends, and renewable hydrocarbon diesel. These changes have eliminated hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide, according to the compaNY. Moving to zero-emission electric yard trucks was a logical next step in Ruan's continuing drive toward a cleaner future, according to a statement from the company.

"To provide clean, efficient solutions for our customers, Ruan tests and invests in the latest technologies. We recently marked the 18-month anniversary of deploying our first Orange EV truck to a 24/7 Minnesota operation, and the reliability has been unparalleled, exceeding uptime expectations," said Ruan's Vice President of Fleet Services Brad Gehring.

Ruan said in a statement it plans to continue all-electric yard truck deployments in operations across the country where feasible.

"We are excited to have another Orange EV customer scale up deployments after experiencing first-hand how well our trucks do the job," said Zack Ruderman, Orange EV Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Orange EV deployments are a win-win, delivering solutions that are both economically and environmentally sustainable."

The St. Joseph project is partially funded with a Diesel Emission Reduction Act grant awarded through the Kansas City-based Metropolitan Energy Center.