Self-driving Pete goes coast to coast; watch the video


Embark announced Tuesday that its self-driving tractor-trailer has become the first autonomous truck to cross the U.S.

The 2,400-mile journey across I-10 began in Los Angeles last week and finished five days later in Jacksonville, Florida.

Late last year, Embark claimed the longest self-driving truck route in the world following a partnership with Ryder and Electrolux in which it agreed to haul appliances from L.A. to El Paso. This latest trip is four times longer.

A professional driver sat at the wheel of the Peterbilt during the cross-country tripready to assume control if necessary.

“When we announced our Los Angeles to El Paso route we promised that was the just first stage of a much larger expansion,” Embark CEO Alex Rodrigues said.

Another Embark goal includes making the cross-country trip across the U.S. in two days instead of five. Current federal regulations restrict most trucks to 11 hours of travel per driver per day.

This time-lapse video shows what and hour of the trip was like.