Road ID can help first responders take care of you

Updated Nov 8, 2017

Even with a CB radio, smartphone and decent wifi at truck tops, the road can sometimes be a lonely place for many truck drivers. You can go for days without seeing anyone who knows you.

Road ID provides first responders with your personal informationRoad ID provides first responders with your personal information

So, what if, God forbid, you’re on the road and you get hurt? Seriously hurt and need serious medical attention, the kind that would normally send you to an ER with a loved one who could tell doctors and nurses all they need to know about you.

On the road, you most likely will not have anyone who can speak on your behalf. That was the inspiration for Road ID, a convenient piece of identification — wrist band, necklace, one that attaches to your walking/running shoe’s laces — first responders can use in case of an emergency.

Road ID contains personal and contact information, the kind first responders need in case of an emergency.

Aside from making ones for you to wear, Road ID has models for kids and even for pets. They even make one that pairs with your fitness trainer. All come in a range of colors, styles and materials.

Most cost no more than about $20.